Blessings of the Bounty

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Cooking for yourself, your family, friends or community is the ultimate form of love and nurturing. When you tune into this natural process, you tap into your intuition and your body and mind are fed not only through the food but also through your intention. What you think and feel as you prepare and cook your food infuses it with healthy and essential prana (life force). Prana follows attention. If your attention is scattered in the kitchen, then your food will be lacking in prana and you will feel it. Maybe you won’t digest the food as well or you may feel ungrounded after eating or heavy and bogged down.

Prana follows attention

Eating locally and seasonally also ensured prana is highest from your food. Growing your food or buying locally grown keeps you connected to it as we are a part of nature. As the seasons change, nature provides us with what we need. When we align ourselves with these cycles, health follows. Food that is grown close by naturally provides you with beneficial microorganisms from healthy soil that feed your gut with good bacteria. Local food is also fresher and full of life.

Choose food that is whole. Fresh fruit and vegetables have the highest amount of prana whereas packaged and processed food that sits on the shelf in the grocery stores has the least amount of prana (if any at all). Meat and dairy carries the energy of that animal. If you eat meat, make sure you know how the animal was treated and how it was killed. If the animal was scared or abused, that energy will be in the meat that you eat.

When you cook and when you sit down to eat, be thankful for the bounty and take notice of all the health and nutrition that you are consciously giving to yourself as an act of love and caring. In this way, you are feeding all your cells with these positive intentions and blessings and you are connecting to the universe on a deeper level with the understanding that everything is connected.

So, next time you set out to prepare and cook your next meal, set your intention, tune into the energies of your meal and receive the blessings that nature is providing to you so that you can be your best Self.


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